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The fillers used at DESVAE are made of hyaluronic acid. Fillers allows us to restore volume loss, hydrate lips, eliminate deep wrinkles and creases from volume loss. Our goal is to give you natural results while restoring and enhancing your natural beauty. 


Please note we may need to treat other parts of your face for maximal results. 



Filler is great for plumping and adding volume to lips. At DESVAE, we strive to provide natural-looking results.

*For best results, we many need to dissolve previous fillers.




Filler is used to enhance and contour the cheeks. 


nasolabial folds.jpg

Nasolabial Folds

Filler is used to soften the appearance of smile/laugh lines.

*For best results, cheek filler is often needed to soften the nasolabial fold lines.


chin botox.jpg


Filler is used to enhance the chin to allow for shape and definition to the face, and improve your overall facial balance.


Other Treatments Areas

Please consult us for any additional filler treatment areas not listed.



1. When will I see results?

You will see results immediately after treatment.

2. How long do results last? 

This depends on the product used, area(s) injected and the patient. Most filler injections last for 6–12 months.

3. Will I look different or unnatural?

At DESVAE, you will be treated by a certified medical provider. We aim for natural looking results, that will allow you to look rejuvenated and NOT overdone.  

4. What is the downtime? Can I go back to work after?

You will notice some redness, swelling, bruising and soreness after the procedure. However, this shouldn’t prevent you from returning to work after injections. We do recommend scheduling injections around your work schedule if you are concerned about the downtime.

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